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London has a secret
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The two medical reports issued by University College London Hospitals,
by Dr Deborah Hodes the Consultant Paediatrition.
Both state as conclusions, that there is physical evidence to substantiate
the claims made by both Alisa and Gabriel of sexual abuse.
The much contested ruling from Justice Pauffley.  There are plenty of resources out there
that address the factual errors contained in this ruling.  Whether they were included
intentionally or out of a true misunderstanding is the question.
Transcripts of testimonies and interviews available at HampsteadTranscripts.Blogspot
Over 30 files that cover many of the different videos of the whistleblower children,
interviews with the police, and even RD's interview with the BBC.
Drawings by Alisa and Gabriel
Additional resources:
This is by no means intended to be seen as an exaustive list but rather,
just something to get those that wish to read more started.
Sabine McNeill's blog
Educate Yourself.org- "Papa kills babies"
                                                                                                                                             - Video summaries
Mind Space Apocalypse: The Story of Alisa and Gabriel...
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